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Cultural Video Kenya - 2018

Take a look into The Kenya Crab Farm and learn more about the future prospects for crab farming in Kenya and East Africa. 

The Star Newspaper - Publish Nov 28, 2018

As the country looks to reap economic growth from oceans and lakes, Kilifi is already making waves by not just consuming but growing seafood.

At the International Blue Economy Conference in Nairobi, delegates are for the third day discussing innovative and sustainable ways to exploit a sector that generates Sh150 trillion to the world economy.

But Coast is where the action is, and Kilifi is claiming its piece of the pie through crab farming. There is high demand for crabs in the world, and this can only be tapped through farming instead of wild fishing, which could threaten the species in the ocean.

A Kenyan of British origin in Magarini has set up the first crab hatchery and out grower farm at the remote Che Shale near Ngomeni, which will probably be one of the largest blue economy projects in East Africa.

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K24TV - Aired Nov 27, 2018

Dan Kaburu gives us a perspective into the meaning of Blue Economy through the eyes of a  crab farmer in Kilifi county, who is creating jobs for the youth in the coastal region.

NTV Kenya - Aired Nov 26, 2018

Justin Aniere, a Kenyan investor who owns a crab hatchery and out grower farm at Che Shale, in Kilifi has travelled all the way to Nairobi to join the Blue Economy Conference. His intention? To show the world how crab farming can be a major economic generating business for the country

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