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Grow Out Farm

Roughly 60 days from hatching, the crablets are ready for the local crab farmers to come and purchase them to take to their own grow out farms for fattening and ultimately to reach final market size. This can be achieved either in a liner pond or an earthen pond, with each crab being separated into their own boxes, which are then placed onto a floating tray. The farmers would have to feed them once a day as well as check each individual box for molted shells at least twice a day. The crabs should be fed a mix diet of fish and snails. 


Due to the fact that mangrove crabs can live in brackish water, has its advantage as Tilapia can also survive in this climate. This allows for Duo-Culture pond, where the farmer can either grow their Tilapia to market size for selling, or use the Tilapia for feeding to the crabs. 

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