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The First Crab Farm in Kenya

Started in 2013, originally to support the demand of the hotel on site, Che Shale, the farm has now grown into a community outreach programme supported by FAO and the Kenyan Fisheries Department.  

Areas of 


Areas of 




The young crablets are produced on site and grown to a certain size before heading to the Grow Out Farms. 


Farming crabs on top whilst underneath one can farm fish either to sell or for feed for the crabs.

Grow out Farms

Community projects - here the crablets are fed for up to 8 months to acquire a marketable size.

Soft Shell Crabs


This is done on site, harvesting the crabs at the right time to be able to acquire the soft shell. 

Areas of Speciality


The idea for The Kenya Crab Farm came to Justin Aniere, owner of Che Shale Hotel, when he grew tired of receiving what looked to be big meaty crabs only later to find out that once cooked they actually had very little meat inside. Through some research, Justin realised that these crabs are what are known as “water crabs”, recently moulted crabs that have yet had time to grow into their new, larger shells. He decided that he would start a small farm behind the hotel, to ensure that the crabs he served in his restaurant were fresh and meaty. 


As the demand for these crabs grew larger than just for his own restaurant, he realised that there was a market for farming these creatures whilst also teaching the local Kenyan’s a new skill that would provide them with a consistent income in a sustainable fashion. 

To read more about the vision of the farm, click here. 

Our Story


Che Shale | P.O. Box 2082, 80200 Malindi, KENYA.

Tel:  +254 727 992 095

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